Take learning beyond the classroom through iKen!

iKen’s integrated mobile learning platform connects school management to its teachers, students and parents.

School 1

Student and Teacher Data

Maintain class-wise profile records of students and teachers

School 2

Attendance Tracking

Maintain class-wise data of students and teachers

School 3

Broadcast Notifications

Sent instant messages and updates on latest events

School 4

Holidays and Timetables

Manage school holiday list, events, daily class timetables and exam schedules

School 5

Poll Creation

Create opinion polls to gather inputs and make collective decisions

Bring learning to life!

iKen’s digital library fuels the understanding of academic learners through videos, presentations and mind-maps. The assessments help test their learning.

Student 1

Timely Feed

Receive real-time feeds and reminders on upcoming school events

Student 2

Homework Updates

Receive timely updates from teachers on assignments and tests

Student 3

Teacher and Parent Chat

Stay connected with teachers and parents on progress and whenever students need help

Student 4

Digital Learning Content

Explore through vast repository of engaging videos, informative printables and colourful mind maps

Student 5

Adaptive Tests

Attempt pre-prepared tests or create your own customised test to check your learning

Partner children on their journey of learning!

iKen helps parents keep pace with their child’s learning through customised app notifications on attendance, school and class events as well as progress reports.

Parent 1

Attendance and Timetable

Track student daily attendance as well as class and exam schedules

Parent 2

School Fee Payment

View and pay school fees online without any hassle

Parent 3

School Bus Tracking

Track child’s school bus location when travelling to and from school

Parent 4

Instant Notifications

Receive instant feeds from school and teachers on school events and participate in polls

Parent 5

Progress and Performance

Receive detailed statistics of the child’s progress and test performance and identify areas of improvement

Build learning communities as educators!

iKen helps teachers to stay connected with parents on their child’s academic progress. They can take attendance, share homework, task lists and important updates—all from one place!

Teacher 1

Student Attendance

Take daily class-wise student attendance

Teacher 2

Chat Notifications

Mentor students online and share timely support to parents at all times

Teacher 3


Prepare and post task lists to share class homework and assignments

Teacher 4

Learn Continuously

Enhance your skill and understanding in the education arena through teacher training modules

Teacher 5

Collaborate Efficiently

Share event highlights, photos and files all from one place

Awards and Recognition

Award 1

Best ICT e-learning Content for iKen Library

Award 2

Excellence in Integration of Holistic Development for iKen Design & Technology Lab

Award 3

Best Teaching Pedagogy STEM education for iKen Design & Technology Lab

Award 4

Best Interactive Solutions for iKen Activity Lab and iKen Learning Lab

Award 5

Best Assessment Tool for iKen Evaluate

Award 6

Wisitex Sikhsha Ratna (ICT) for iKen School Ecosystem

Award 7

Best Business of the Year for Mexus Education

Award 8

YouTube Silver Creator Award